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About Run Native Run Native was started by the passionate people at Community Enterprise. For 25 years Community Enterprise has worked with community projects all over Scotland to help them grow into confident, creative, financially- viable organisations. On their travels during this time the team have been inspired by the interesting, high-quality products made and sold by these organisations - from luxury soap handmade by people with disabilities in Inverness to tartan dog coats designed by homeless people in Edinburgh. However, for the average shopper on the street, these products can be hard to find. The team thought ‘what if we could create a place to buy social products in one place…things that delight friends and family, but also directly help vulnerable and disadvantaged people?’ That’s when Run Native was born. A collective online marketplace that helps customers find ethical buys, and ethical producers find customers.

Run Native is for discerning shoppers who want to buy the cool and the covetable knowing that every sale has a powerful impact on people’s lives. Run Native provide an online store front for many small social enterprises making jewellery, home accessories, clothing, gifts, garden products and children's clothes to name but a small slice on offer. Beautiful Businesses all.

What is social enterprise? A social enterprise is an organisation that’s run like a business. The difference is that these organisations reinvest their profits back into the community or cause they support. So, in a nutshell, it’s business with a big heart.

Who is Community Enterprise? We help communities, charities and social enterprises to make good things happen, from food initiatives and credit unions to community run sports facilities, we help organizations become more sustainable by generating income and moving away from grant funding. We’re a social enterprise and our mission is to help people gain the capacity and confidence to improve their community through enterprise.

What does Run Native mean?

The name is inspired by the term ‘digital natives’ meaning the generation of young people that have grown up in an exclusively digital world. This was part of our vision – to get social enterprises to enter the digital world for the benefit of the organisations they run and the people that they help – and we knew that this was the name. Run Native.

How does Run Native work?

Run Native is unlike any other shopping website – because everything you see comes directly from a social enterprise based in the UK. Shoppers can fill their shopping baskets in the same way they would on any other retail site. They can buy from as many different sellers as they like but pay for everything together at one checkout.
Why shop at Run Native?

• because you want to: Recent research by The Plunkett Foundation shows that 74% of shoppers would rather buy from a company that makes business decisions based on concern for society and the environment.
• to support Britain’s social enterprises: Run Native is proud to work with Britain’s best social enterprises - a diverse, talented bunch of independent businesses all working to give back.
• to discover unique products: Run Native carefully selects every product for quality, style and originality. Every item is unique and each seller has a story.

For more information and images please contact Emily Bookless at Run Native on (01506) 862 227 or e-mail emily@communityenterprise.co.uk

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